Author's Notes:
My first drabble for Challenge 337: Unloved Prompts at tw100, using Challenge 233: Rabbits.

Summary: The Hub is ground zero for a population explosion.

There were rabbits everywhere, hopping around the Hub, sitting on workstations, popping out of desk drawers and filing cabinets… Ianto even pulled one out of the coffee machine. Brown rabbits, white rabbits, dark rabbits, light rabbits, big rabbits, little rabbits and everything in between. Every time they blinked, there seemed to be more.

Picking his way through the swarm, careful not to tread on anything fluffy, Jack made his way to Tosh.

“Please tell me you know what’s causing this!”

Tosh nodded. “You remember the Easter Eggs you picked up cheap? They’re hatching.”

“I knew that offer was too good!”

TBC in ‘Hatching Like Rabbits’