Author's Notes:
My eleventh drabble for Challenge 334 – Red at tw100.

With sincere apologies to my vegetarian readers. Blame the prompt and the characters! This one came out at 100 words first try.

Summary: Ianto craves a good meal.

They’d been subsisting on takeaway for nearly three weeks, and Ianto had decided enough was enough. According to Tosh, it looked like the Rift would be relatively calm for the next seventy-two hours or so; he planned to take the opportunity to whip up a home-cooked meal for himself and Jack.

A couple of juicy steaks, that would be just the thing; red meat for red-blooded men, and a nice red wine to wash it down with. Maybe strawberries and cream for dessert, that was always fun.

Smiling in anticipation, Ianto steered his shopping trolley towards the fresh meat section.

The End