Author's Notes:
My fourth drabble for Challenge 329 – Chiffon at tw100. Quite pleased with that, it's a tough challenge!

Summary: A Rift alert results in something a bit different.

A Rift alert had led Jack and Ianto to Bute Park just as the sun rose. The sight that met their eyes was certainly not what they’d been expecting.

“Well that’s… different.” Jack cocked his head to one side, appraising the view.

Hands in pockets, Ianto nodded. “Looks like we’ve got some climbing to do. Suddenly I’m very glad I pulled my old jeans on.”

The trees before them were festooned in brightly coloured streamers of gossamer fabric, like there’d been an explosion in a chiffon factory.

“At least it makes a change from being showered with odd socks.”


The End