Author's Notes:
My fifth drabble for Challenge 328 – National Day or Holiday at tw100.

Summary: The Harkness-Jones family are celebrating, whether Jack likes it or not!

Ianto lifted Meriel from her cot; five months old, she was wide-awake, gurgling happily and apparently trying to eat her left foot.

“Big mouth,” he teased her. “You know, I’m sure that can’t taste good. Let’s get you dressed up all pretty and surprise Daddy, shall we?”

Changed and dressed in a pretty blue dress that matched her eyes, Ianto scooped his giggling, wriggling daughter into his arms and carried her into the master bedroom. Jack was just waking up.

“Morning, Cariad!” Ianto kissed him.

“If you say Happy Mother’s day, I’ll kill you!”

Ianto laughed.

“Happy Birth Parent’s Day!”

The End