Author's Notes:
My tenth and final drabble for Challenge 327 – Anniversary at tw100.

Summary: Jack wants to take Ianto on a date.

Jack sidled up to Ianto at the coffee machine and leant against the counter.

“So, tonight, you and me, I was thinking dinner at this little Italian place I know, maybe a stroll in the moonlight, what d’you think?”

“Sounds lovely, but I can’t tonight, sorry.”

“What? Why not?”

“I have a prior engagement.”

“Who with? Are they prettier than me?”

Ianto snorted. “Prettier? No, but definitely younger.”

Jack looked crestfallen.

“I’m having David and Mica for the night. It’s Rhi and Johnny’s anniversary.”

“Oh! Can I come over? I could bring food.”

“Pizza. I’ll expect you at seven.”


The End