Author's Notes:
My fourth drabble for Challenge 279 – Triangular at tw100.

By request, the sequel to 'Object Unknown'. I hope to write more about this alien, so there might be another drabble, or possibly a short fic. I'm sure he will pop up in other fics from time to time too. He will also be known as Bob in future.

Summary: Jack and Ianto bring their new acquisition back to the Hub.

Back at the Hub, Jack and Ianto set their burden down beside the rift pool.

“That came through the Rift?” asked Owen.

“Yep. Don’t poke it.”

“Why would I want to poke it?”

“Because it turns pretty colours when poked,” Jack replied.

“Okay, so then why shouldn’t I poke it?”

“He doesn’t like it.” Ianto set a plate of pebbles beside the triangular lump.

“He? It’s alive?”

“Yeah, we only found out when Jack started poking him. Apparently sunlight makes him very sleepy.”

“What are the pebbles for?”

“Dinner,” their new guest rumbled, opening its single eye and grinning toothily.

The End