Author's Notes:
My eighth? drabble for Challenge 326 – Doctor’s Visit at tw100. Might have lost count somewhere along the line... Anyway, this is the last of today's three. Tune in for more tomorrow.

Summary: It’s been a rough day; they both need something… or someone.

It was late and someone was hammering on the door; she’d half expected it, maybe even been waiting for it after the day they’d had.

“I know you’re there! You lettin’ me in or not?”

Sounded like he’d been drinking, but that was okay. So had she. There was never any question of not letting him in, but she liked the feeling of power she got from keeping him waiting.

Finishing her wine, she sauntered over and opened her door, smirking at Owen.

“I don’t remember calling a doctor.”

“Fuck you, Suzie!”

“No, I think you’ll find that’s your job.”

The End