Author's Notes:
My fifth drabble for Challenge 326 – Doctor’s Visit at tw100.

Spoilers: Reset.

Summary: Jack’s expecting a very special visitor and asks Ianto to greet her.

“Ianto, can you spare a few minutes?”

“Of course, sir.” Ianto made his way over to Jack. “What’s up?”

“I need you to man the Tourist Office this afternoon, I’m expecting a visitor, an old friend from UNIT. I don’t know what time she’ll arrive, but I’d like you to be there to meet her and bring her down to the Hub.”

“No problem. I’ll do some paperwork while I’m waiting.”


Paperwork long finished, Ianto was flipping through a magazine when Jack’s visitor finally arrived.

Doctor Martha Jones was definitely not what he’d imagined when Jack had said ‘old friend’!

The End