Author's Notes:
Written for biancaruth, for leaving the 100th review on my drabble collection at She wanted something with Rhys learning about Torchwood....

I'm offering a drabble to the first person to leave a review on my drabbles here, lol!

Summary: Rhys finds out about the peculiar hazards of working for Torchwood.

“Nothing to worry about,” Ianto said cheerfully.

Rhys stared at Gwen in stunned disbelief.

“Happens a lot, does it?” He sounded a bit dazed.

“This exactly? Not to my knowledge. But similar things? All the time.”

Rhys kept staring.

“Could be worse,” Ianto attempted to reassure the stricken man. “Jack was a rabbit for almost two weeks, and Owen… Well, let’s just say orange really doesn’t suit him. Gwen’s fine, just a little shorter than usual.”

“A little? She’s five inches tall!”

“Tosh will fix it. On the bright side, her clothes shrunk with her.”

Rhys sat down.

“Bloody Torchwood.”

The End