Author's Notes:
Written For: Challenge 325 – Clean Slate at tw100.

Spoilers: Everything Changes, They Keep Killing Suzie.

The second of my three drabbles today!

Summary: Suzie’s plan has worked; she’s getting a whole new life.

Her plan has worked like a charm, even though it had meant being dead for a time. That part hadn’t been pleasant, but it was worth it.

She’d taken her revenge against her father, stealing away what little life he had left; now she’d take someone else’s.

Cooper slumped in the seat beside her, life slipping away second by second. Suzie felt it filling her to the brim. Jack would be after her, but he’d be too late.

The coast, the ferry, then hello new life! Death had wiped the slate clean; she could be whoever she wanted to be.

The End