Author's Notes:
Written for Challenge 324 – New Year’s Resolutions at tw100

Summary:It’s New Year’s Day at Torchwood.

“Happy New Year everybody!” Gwen called out cheerfully, bounding into the Hub and throwing herself into her chair.

“You’re disgustingly chipper after last night,” Owen muttered, scowling.

“Well, unlike some people I could name, I drank sensibly. It’s my new year’s resolution,” she informed Owen with a smug smile. “So, anyone else make resolutions?”

“I resolved not to strangle annoyingly cheerful colleagues. Wish I hadn’t now,” Owen groused.

Gwen stuck her tongue out.

“I resolved to never make resolutions ever again,” said Ianto, distributing coffees.

“That’s the most sensible resolution I’ve ever heard! Cheers mate!” Owen grinned, raising his mug.

The End