Author's Notes:
Written for Challenge 324 – Ate Too Much at tw100.

Summary: Team Torchwood are even more stuffed than the Christmas turkey was!

“I hope there aren’t any Rift alerts,” Tosh sighed. “I’m so stuffed I don’t think I can move.”

“We look like a bunch of beached whales,” Owen agreed. “Why’d we let Rhys cook our Christmas dinner?”

“Because I volunteered?” Rhys cracked open one eye.

“That and you’re a fantastic cook,” Ianto smirked.

“I try. You lot are doin’ the washin’ up though.”


“Ah, Christmas; that special time of year when everyone eats too much and spends the afternoon sleeping it off. I love old Earth traditions!” Jack smiled; he looked like the cat that had eaten the whole turkey!

The End