Author's Notes:
For ladymadariaga. Prompt at the end.

Summary: Ianto and Jack go food shopping with their daughter, but someone is misbehaving.

Ianto was already regretting taking Jack and their two-year-old daughter shopping with him.

“Put that back where you got it,” he said sternly, earning a pout and beseeching, wide blue eyes. He was unmoved. “That doesn’t work on me. Put it back, you know what you get if you don’t do as you’re told.” The giant bag of chocolates was reluctantly returned to the shelf. “You eat far too many sweets anyway. We’ll get some fresh fruit.”

“Don’t want fruit.”

“Tough luck!”

Ianto looked at his daughter.

“Can’t take your daddy anywhere, can we?”

Meriel shook her head.

“Naughty daddy.”

The End

A/N: ladymadariaga asked for Ianto suffering a childish Jack. Hope you like it!