Author's Notes:
Thanks to musicaluvr for nudging me about this series; I have a couple of instalments written, but I’m a bit stuck to continue. Have to give it some attention when I can find the time.

Summary: Tosh ponders over Torchwood’s new guest.

With little to do while waiting for the team to arrive in the vicinity of the Rift spike, Tosh found herself sitting quietly, watching her reflection in her monitors as the butterfly on her head calmly preened. It really was very soothing, she mused. Ianto had been right about the scalp massage too.

She let her thoughts drift, wondering where the butterfly was from. Was it intelligent? Did it understand how it had come to earth?

It was so much larger than earth butterflies. What sort of world did it come from? Maybe everything there was on a bigger scale.

TBC in ‘Communicative Butterfly’