Author's Notes:
For kul_breez’s prompts ‘Gwen gets a kitten’ and ‘Where do you take a restless Nosy to burn off some energy?’ It’s a quintuple drabble. I think I got a bit carried away.

Summary: Nosy gets a new playmate.

Torchwood Three’s abandoned storage warehouse had been converted by the team into an indoor play park so Nosy could burn off excess energy.

Mickey, Andy and Ianto had constructed a sort of cross between a jungle gym and a dog agility course, with hanging tyres, pipes to slither through, slides, poles to weave between and all manner of obstacles to climb over, under and through. There was even a dust bath to help Nosy keep its fluff in good condition.

Nosy loved it.

Twice a week, it was driven across town for exercise.

Then one day, it got a playmate.


Gwen’s kitten, now half grown, was a ball of energy. With no garden to play in, she had started to tear around the flat so fast that at times she was actually scampering along the walls like one of those motorcycle riders on the wall of death.

Rhys was terrified she’d hurt herself. Gwen was more concerned about the shredded curtains and claw marks on the walls and floors. Then there was the damage to their clothes…

Pre-kitten, she’d thought that only dogs chewed shoes.

In desperation, Gwen loaded Tribble (Rhys’ idea) into her carrier and headed for the warehouse.


Thursday was one of Nosy’s exercise days; when Gwen arrived, it was having fun slithering at high speed around its specially constructed track

Gwen was a bit nervous. Nosy was so big and Tribble, for all her energy, was still only small. But as Ianto had reminded her, Velvet was even smaller and Nosy was always very careful with her.

Nosy slithered over with Ianto and Jack to see what was going on, so Gwen set the carrier on the floor in front of it. The two creatures sniffed at each other. Nosy hummed softly and Tribble started purring loudly.


Once Gwen was sure it would be safe, she opened the carrier and let Tribble out. The kitten immediately licked Nosy’s snout, then crouched, waggling her bottom and pouncing on her new playmate.

Nosy tried to copy her, waggling its own tail, but quickly found that Fluffs aren’t really designed for pouncing. Not that it mattered. The pair were soon chasing each other around, climbing over everything, as if they’d always played together, although Ianto objected quite loudly when Tribble decided to climb up his leg.

The humans retreated to a bench against the wall and watched their pets play.


After playing together all afternoon, it was time for Nosy and Tribble to part company.

Gwen picked up the weary kitten, stuffing her unceremoniously back in her carrier where she soon fell asleep.

“I hope she’s worn out enough not to cause mayhem for a few days,” she said with a grin. “I don’t think Rhys’ heart can take much more of her daredevil act! Same time on Sunday?”

“Rift permitting,” agreed Jack. “It’ll do Nosy good having a playmate. Velvet is too old to scamper around these days.”

With Nosy trailing behind them, they headed back to their car.

The End