Author's Notes:
This one’s for milady_dragon. Prompt at the end. It’s also a double drabble.

Summary: Ianto is prepared for anything. Usually.

Ianto was feeling hard done by, not to mention rather sore and itchy.

It shouldn’t have happened. Under normal circumstances, he was prepared for any eventuality, but somehow this time he hadn’t been and now he was paying the price.

The Rift alarm had gone off mid-morning, so he and Jack had headed out of Cardiff, under overcast Welsh skies, to find whatever had fallen through. Whatever it had been, it hadn’t survived the trip. As they’d trekked back and forth gathering scraps of debris, the sun had come out, so Ianto had removed his jacket, leaving just his shirt.

That turned out to be a big mistake. Whatever had possessed him to put on a black shirt that morning? Wandering around bent double, searching for any stray fragments, the sun had been beating down on his back the entire time, but he didn’t realise until he straightened up that it had scorched him right through the thin cotton.

Now he looked like a cooked lobster.

Owen was enjoying his predicament way too much; he’d find himself on decaf for the foreseeable future if he wasn’t careful.

But honestly, this was Wales, who would have imagined needing sunscreen in October?

The End

A/N: Prompt was ‘Ianto gets a sunburn’