Author's Notes:
For red_day_dawning’s prompt ‘Rain against the window’ a second, more cheerful fill for the prompt.

Spoilers: Slight for End of Days/Kiss Kiss Bang Bang.

Summary: Ianto lies in bed listening to the rain.

Lying in bed, snug and warm, Ianto could hear rain against his window. There was something strangely soothing about rain at night. Well, there was when you didn’t have to be out in it.

Against the backdrop of the rainfall, he could hear gentle breathing beside him. Since Jack returned from travelling with the Doctor, he’d been spending more and more nights at Ianto’s flat. It was strange to realise just how natural it felt having him there.

Jack stirred beside him.

“Can’t sleep?”

Ianto smiled in the dark.

“Just listening to the rain. I’m glad you’re here.”

“Me too.”

The End