Author's Notes:
This one’s for milady_dragon’s prompt ‘Chocolate chip cookies’.

Summary: The team’s cookies have vanished; Ianto is determined to solve the crime.

Early that morning, Ianto had emptied a packet of chocolate-chip cookies into the biscuit tin. He clearly remembered doing so.

It wasn’t even 11am and already the tin was empty, not so much as a single chocolate chip left, just a few crumbs scattered in the bottom.

It was a mystery he fully intended to solve.

Ianto would have suspected Jack, if he hadn’t left for Flat Holm before the tin had been filled.

Following the trail of crumbs, Ianto found the culprit under the sofa, a suspiciously round-looking Flufflet.

“Caught you! Nosy, your offspring’s been at the cookies again!”

The End