Author's Notes:
My final drabble for Challenge 276 – Sound at tw100.

Summary: Ianto just wants to sleep, but something is keeping him awake.

Ianto was exhausted, head aching; he just wanted to sleep, but that sound was driving him insane.

Squeeeeeee! Honk. Squeeeeee! Honk. All the bloody time!

He turned over, trying to get comfortable.

Squeeeeeee! Honk. Squeeeeee! Honk.

Cursing, he rolled on his back. Nothing helped. There was no escape.

“You okay?” Jack asked from beside him.

“No. Is a bit of peace and quiet too much to ask for?”

“Sorry, can’t help you there.”

Ianto pulled his pillow over his head, but the sound continued.

Squeeeeeee! Honk. Squeeeeee! Honk.

Why did his nose whistle so irritatingly when he had a cold?

The End