Author's Notes:
Written for the comment_fic prompt ‘I'd like to blame it on the alcohol, but I knew exactly what I was doing’.

Set pre-series.

Summary: Ianto apologises to Lisa.

Despite his hangover, Ianto remembered everything that happened the night before.

“Lisa, I’m so sorry about last night, I shouldn’t have done that, especially not right in front of you.”

Lisa smiled ruefully.

“It’s okay. You were drunk, you didn’t know what you were doing.”

Ianto shook his head.

“Wish I could blame it on the booze, but I knew exactly what I was doing. I love you, you know that, but I’m attracted to guys too. I’ve just never acted on it before. I shouldn’t have kissed him.”

“Probably not,” she grinned, “but it was seriously hot to watch!”

The End