Author's Notes:
My second drabble for Challenge 276 – Sound at tw100. By popular request, a certain fluffy alien takes a starring role in this one.

I have two more drabbles for this prompt, both Ianto-centric.

Summary: Nosy is behaving a bit oddly…

It was a quiet day in the Hub. Mostly.

The team were busy at their various tasks, except Jack and Ianto, who were leaning on the railings outside Jack’s office, talking quietly.

Huff huff huff squeak.

Huff huff huff peep.

Everyone stopped what they were doing and stared as Nosy slithered past.

Huff huff huff peep.

“Why’s Nosy making that weird sound?” asked Tosh, looking concerned.

“Ah,” Ianto grinned, “Nosy heard me whistling to Myfanwy earlier. It’s been trying to copy me ever since, but I don’t think it’s quite got the hang of whistling yet.”

Huff huff huff peeeep.

The End