Author's Notes:
This one’s for darcy58 who asked for something with Jack and Tosh. It ended up as a double drabble.

Spoilers: Hints at Fragments; set pre-series.

Summary: It’s Tosh’s first birthday since she joined Torchwood.

Five months after joining Torchwood, Tosh arrived at the Hub early one morning to find her workstation transformed.

A huge bouquet of yellow and white roses in a blue vase stood in front of her monitors, with a small and beautifully wrapped parcel and an equally beautiful cake beside it. An envelope was propped against the vase, her name written neatly on the front.

Tosh was so busy staring she didn’t even hear Jack come up behind her.

“Happy birthday, my beautiful Toshiko!”

She gasped and spun around.

“But I didn’t tell anyone…”

“It’s in your file,” Jack told her.

Tosh reached out, caressing the velvety rose petals.

“They’re beautiful. Thank you, Jack.”

“You deserve everything. Go ahead; open your present. I have another surprise for you before the others get here.”

With trembling hands, Tosh unwrapped her gift, a delicate silver bracelet set with amethysts.

“Oh Jack, you shouldn’t have. It’s too much!”

“Nonsense. Toshiko, you are a gem beyond price. I believe in you, you just need to believe in yourself. Now, come on, your mother’s on the phone.”

Speechless, tears in her eyes and a smile on her face, Tosh hugged Jack tight. She felt truly blessed.

The End