Author's Notes:
Written for fanbot. Prompt at the end.

Summary: Myfanwy is in love, but does the object of her affections return them?

It was a bizarre sight, to say the least. Myfanwy clucked and cooed, bobbing her head, acting coy and flirtatious; it was quite obvious she was smitten. While Ianto could quite understand the lonely Pteranodon wanting a mate, he couldn’t help feeling that perhaps the object of her affections might not be the best match for her.

Of course, finding another Pteranodon on earth was highly unlikely, even allowing for the vagaries of the Rift, so the chances of her finding her ideal mate were slim at best.

Still, why’d she have to fall in love with an inflatable banana?

The End

A/N2: For the prompt “Myfanwy lays an egg and/or becomes enamoured of...”