Author's Notes:
For the prompt ‘The Treasure Of The Deep’, one of the prompts I didn’t get around to using for tw100’s challenge 288 last year. I’ve dug them out again to supplement the prompts I got from my f-list, just because there are still loads I wanted to use. This one’s a double drabble.

Summary: Ianto’s finding plenty of ‘treasure’, just not what he’s looking for.

Ianto had always wanted to go diving for sunken treasure on an old wreck somewhere. That was why he and Lisa had taken up scuba diving in the first place, planning to take a diving holiday one day to see what they could find.

Of course, he’d always thought it would be somewhere tropical, with sparkling clear water, coral reefs and brightly coloured fish.

Instead, here he was in a cold, murky boating lake in Cardiff, trying to find… something. So far they’d hauled out three bicycles, a lawnmower, an old pram, most of a bed, a washing machine, five saucepans, two radiators, four TVs, part of a spiral staircase, a filing cabinet, and a barbecue. All carried faint traces of Rift energy, but none had actually fallen through the Rift. Ianto was getting frustrated. Whatever had made the splash had to be around here somewhere! The lake wasn’t all that big, though it was obviously deep enough for people to dump their unwanted junk. Still, at least he could console himself that he was carrying out a public service.

When he did finally find what he was looking for, it certainly wasn’t the chunk of debris he’d been expecting…

TBC in ‘Catch Of The Day’