Author's Notes:
Written for Challenge 274 – Meat at tw100. Not what I was going to write originally, but I got this idea and liked it better than what I'd planned.

Summary: Working for Torchwood, you never know what you’ll find yourself having to do.

Ianto picked up a bit of meat with a pair of long metal tweezers and poked it towards the nest.

“Here, have a bit of rat. Mmmm, juicy rat!”

It was quickly gobbled up.

“Have another bit of rat! Make you grow big and strong. Hopefully.”

That was quickly gobbled up too.

“More rat?”

“How’s it going?” Jack asked quietly, settling down beside Ianto.

“She’s eaten almost a whole rat,” Ianto replied. “You can do the next feed. Never thought we’d be foster parents to a de-aged pteranodon!”

“We got lucky. At least we’re not having to incubate an egg.”

The End