Author's Notes:
My eighth drabble for Challenge 319 – Stationery/Stationary at tw100. Looks like ten will be my limit this time. I have two more to post, one for this sequence and an odd one.

Summary: Well, now Jack’s found the cupboard, what will he do?

Lots of office supplies, plenty of space, no CCTV cameras in the cupboard or the corridor outside… Why had Ianto never mentioned this place before? Did he have no idea how perfect it was?

Jack mooched about, examining the contents of the shelves and forming a plan.

A week later when Ianto was busy in the archives, Jack phoned him asking for some stationery items. Hanging up, he hurried to the cupboard, arriving before Ianto and shutting himself inside.

When Ianto entered a few minutes later, Jack pounced, pinning him to the shelves.

“Ready to have some fun?” he leered.

TBC in ‘A Cupboard Made For Two’