Author's Notes:
Written for Challenge 273 – Loud And Clear at tw100.
I struggled with this prompt, couldn't think of anything so I just started writing and in 5 minutes I had this. The art of writing never ceases to puzzle me. I never write that fast when I actually have an idea of what I want to write.

Summary: The team are in trouble…

Ianto was not happy with Team Torchwood.

“Look at this mess! Has anyone actually thrown anything away in the last week? Or bothered to wash a single dish? And Jack, I can’t even see your desk under all your unfinished paperwork! I take a week off to help Archie catalogue the backlog of alien artefacts that have built up, and this entire place goes to Hell! What have you all been doing while I was away?”

“We’re sorry.” Jack turned on the puppy eyes.

“You will be! Decaf instant until this place is tidy, understand?”

Everyone groaned.

“Loud and clear.”

The End