Author's Notes:
For fanbot’s prompt ‘70's fashions’.

Summary: Jack didn’t always dress the way he does now…

Sprawled on the sofa, Jack and Ianto leafed through some old photos Ianto had found in the archives.

“Ah, nostalgia!” Jack sighed. “I remember those days well.”

“What the hell are you wearing there? It’s hideous!”

“Hey! They were very popular in the seventies. Everyone was wearing them.”

Ianto stared at him in disbelief. Jack shrugged.

“You had to be there.”

“Thankfully, I wasn’t born yet!”

“Pity. You would have looked cute in a leisure suit.”

That earned Jack a glare.

“Over my dead body! I have good taste.”

Jack kissed him.

“You do taste good!”

“Not what I meant!”

The End