Author's Notes:
Drabble number 40 for Challenge 316 – Reverse Fandom – How I Met Your Mother at tw100! Not quite a record, there were more in the 'Drone' series, I think. Still, it's pretty good!

Summary: Jack tells Meriel a bedtime story, while Ianto watches.

Ianto loved watching Jack tell their daughter bedtime stories. Meriel gazed at her daddy, wide-eyed with excitement. A fluffy green creature lay coiled at the end of the bed, listening with equally rapt attention. Nosy loved Jack’s stories as much as Meriel did; Ianto had to admit he enjoyed them too.

“What happened then, Daddy?” Meriel asked breathlessly.

“Well now, just when all seemed lost, brave Captain Fluff arrived and quick as a wink, it tickled the evil alien so much he jumped into his spaceship and never came back.”

“Bravo Captain Fluff!” Meriel smiled sleepily. “Night, daddies.”

“Goodnight, Princess.”

The End