Author's Notes:
My 32nd drabble for Challenge 316 – Reverse Fandom – How I Met Your Mother at tw100. I don't have any more written... yet. This might still continue though, just have to look at the remaining prompts again, see what I still have to work with. Prompt at the end.

Summary: Owen doesn’t know what’s worse – hallucinating or not hallucinating.

When Ianto saw Owen arrive at the Hub that morning looking more than a little hung-over and immediately make his way to the autopsy bay to suffer in peace, he looked over at Jack and winked.

“Wait for it…”

A moment later, Owen’s voice drifted up from his domain, sounding rather uncertain.


“Yes, Owen?”

“Either I’m hallucinating or there’s a wallaby down here.”

“Oh, that’s just Daisy, she won’t hurt you.”

“O-kay. Why’s it smiling at me? That’s seriously creepy!”

“She’s just saying hello.”

Owen stared. Daisy smiled.

“I hate this place!” Owen muttered.

Daisy patted his shoulder consolingly.

A/N: Title used is ‘Wait For It’