Author's Notes:
My 28th drabble for Challenge 316 – Reverse Fandom – How I Met Your Mother at tw100. There are two more, I think I've finally licked the complicated calculation, lol!

Summary: Jack explains, which doesn’t really help much.

“A Possimpible? What’s that?” Ianto sounded rather bemused.

Jack laughed.

“Possimpibles are things that’re mostly what they should be, but partly not. It’s an occasional side effect of living so close to the Rift. Almost everyone around here is a tiny bit not what they are, but in most cases it’s like 0.00001%, practically undetectable, you’d never know. Some creatures attract more of what they aren’t though, and they become Possimpibles. This one seems to have picked up nearly 8% of Not Wallaby. That’s high, must’ve been very near a few Rift events.”

“Is it dangerous?”

“Nah. Just kinda weird.”

TBC in ‘Un-zoo-table’