Author's Notes:
My 26th drabble for Challenge 316 – Reverse Fandom – How I Met Your Mother at tw100. I've got my second wind, lol!

Summary: Just when they thought it was over and they could go home…

They dropped the defabricator, now safely switched off, back at the Hub and left the SUV there too before heading home in Ianto’s car.

As Ianto pulled into his driveway, Jack nudged him.



“There’s a wallaby eating your flowers.”

Ianto turned his head so fast he nearly gave himself whiplash and he just managed to avoid driving into the wall.

“Oh crap! Where’s the net?”

“In the SUV.”

“Typical. Throw your coat over it!”

They got it at the third try; the front yard was too small for it to escape.

Wallaby or alien? That was the question.

TBC in ‘Identifying The Impossible