Author's Notes:
A sequel to my last drabble, written for Challenge 316 – Reverse Fandom – How I Met Your Mother at tw100. I have no idea how many I've written for this challenge, but I have two more written to complete this story.

Prompt used = title of drabble.

Summary: Jack tries to explain how he ended up naked.

“So, exactly how did you end up naked on a simple retrieval?” Ianto enquired, raising a graceful eyebrow and trying to keep a straight face as Jack struggled into the clothes Ianto had brought with him.

“I wish I knew. Everything went so well at first. I arrived at the coordinates and found what came through, an animal a bit like a wallaby. I went to net it, tripped on something, the wallaby-thing started bouncing away, I chased it and a few moments later my clothes vanished and I was running down the street naked. That’s the truth, I swear!”

TBC in ‘Of Course’