Author's Notes:
This is the last one I've got written for Challenge 316 – Reverse Fandom – How I Met Your Mother at tw100. Guess that means I'd better write some more...

Summary: Jack and Ianto’s wedding is a bit unorthodox.

Their wedding wasn’t a complete disaster, but it was certainly… different. It hadn’t been intentional, but Torchwood had a bad habit of throwing a spanner in the works on such occasions.

Jack had wanted doves to be released, but his best man had other ideas.

“Doves are boring! Everybody has doves! On Berellis 9 they use squinches to represent fidelity.” Ianto wasn’t sure how that translated to them having a flock of flamingos, but they’d been nice. Until they’d stampeded through the guests.

“At least it was memorable,” Jack sighed. “Never should’ve asked the Doctor to be my Best Man.”

The End

A/N2: Title used was ‘The Best Man’