Author's Notes:
Here's part sixteen of the Drone Series, written for Challenge 315 – Drone at tw100. We’re moving into the final section of this fic now, though I’m not ruling out the possibility of writing a sequel about what happens to Hart at some point. No promises, depends on how the bunnies bounce!

Summary: Back at the Hub, the team make plans for modifying their drone – with a little help from a friend.

They sat around the coffee table sipping from steaming mugs of Ianto’s best brew, while their ‘guest’, chained to the nearest convenient railing, continued to annoy them.

Ianto had grudgingly offered Hart coffee too, so now they were having to endure moans of appreciation even more pornographic in nature than Jack’s tended to be. It wasn’t easy to ignore Hart, but they did their best while discussing the drone’s need for some kind of stealth capability to prevent it drawing undue attention.

“A perception filter would be ideal,” Tosh commented.

“And I know just where to get one,” Jack smirked.


Since The Year That Never Was, the Doctor had gradually come to accept Jack’s abnormality. While he still wasn’t comfortable in the immortal’s presence, he bore his discomfort silently for the sake of their friendship. After all, Jack was one of the few people who would actually outlive the Doctor; it would be foolish to reject his friendship over something that was beyond his control.

So when the Captain phoned to request the Doctor’s assistance in adding a perception filter to a reconnaissance drone the brilliant Ms Sato had invented, he set the TARDIS controls for a visit to Torchwood.

TBC in ‘Welcoming Visitors’