Author's Notes:
If I'm counting correctly, this is part fifteen of the Drone Series, written for Challenge 315 – Drone at tw100. I do have a destination in mind now...

Summary: Some discussions probably shouldn’t be held in public. Time to return to base.

Jack was astounded.

“Need you? Yeah, about as much as I need a hole in the head! At your best, you’re a loose cannon. We have a shaky enough relationship with the local police as it is; with you on the team, we’d all be in jail before the week was out!”

“So I have a few issues with authority, who doesn’t?”

Jack actually growled.

“Tosh, see that the drone is secure, we’re going back to the Hub.”

“What about Hart?” asked Owen. “It’ll be a bit cramped with four in the back seat.”

“Then shove him in the boot.”


The drive to the Hub was punctuated by loud and inventive curses from the boot.

Tosh had done as Jack asked, securing the drone so it wouldn’t get damaged; it was a delicate piece of machinery after all. No one had bothered to do the same for Hart though, and Jack was driving with more than his usual recklessness. Ianto suspected it was a kind of revenge.

The team suffered the jouncing with their usual stoicism, they were all well used to Jack’s driving. If Hart wound up with the odd bruise or broken bone, well, he probably deserved it.

TBC in ‘Ideas & Invites’