Author's Notes:
My third drabble for Challenge 267 – Starting Over at tw100.

This is the other side of my earlier drabble ‘Another Chance’. It’s entirely tardisjournal’s fault for saying Jack probably didn’t have to grovel much to get Ianto to give him another chance.

Summary: Jack apologises to Ianto.

“I’m sorry. I know I hurt you by leaving that way, but I never meant to be gone for so long. I thought I’d be back in a few hours, a day at most.”

“Why weren’t you?”

“Everything went wrong, we were captured by a madman; it’s been a year for me, a year of being held prisoner and tortured. All I could think about was you and what a mess I’d made of everything. I wanted so badly to get home to you. If you’ll let me, I swear I’ll make it up to you.”


“Yes. Anything.”


The End