Author's Notes:
Part seven of the Drone Series for Challenge 315 – Drone at tw100, which means I've run out and need to get the next part written. This is another pair of drabbles.

Summary: The team are less than delighted by what the Rift has dumped in their city.

The SUV was still approximately twenty minutes away from their destination when Tosh reported that the drone was approaching its programmed coordinates. It had made good time having only been airborne for seven minutes.

“Let me see if I can zoom in on whatever it was that came through.” Tosh’s fingers flew over her computer keys, sending instructions to the drone’s onboard processors, commanding it to hover and scan the area with its high-resolution cameras and sensor array.

Pictures started to come in, but what the team saw in living colour on their screens was a less than welcome sight.


A familiar figure dressed in a red jacket and grubby jeans leant idly against a wall, smoking a cigarette, a few metres from where the Rift had opened. Even as they watched, he looked up at the drone and gave a jaunty little wave.

Captain John Hart.

“Bugger,” Ianto commented succinctly.

Jack smirked.

“Better not let Hart hear you say that; he’ll take you up on the offer.”

Ianto gave Jack a filthy look.

“In his dreams! If I get my hands on him, I guarantee he won’t enjoy the experience. Two of my friends almost died because of him.”

TBC in ‘Taking Hart’