Author's Notes:
Fourth Part of the Drone Series for Challenge 315 – Drone at tw100. I have two double drabbles written and there will be at least one more part after that, so I MIGHT post the next part later today. No promises though.

Summary: Is it a case of third time’s the charm?

“You have to turn off autopilot before trying to fly it manually,” Tosh explained patiently. “Then it won’t crash like that.”

“Don’t bet on that,” Owen piped up. “We’ve all seen how Jack drives.”

“He’s an experienced pilot, I’m sure it’ll be fine.” Tosh had confidence in Jack’s abilities even if no one else did.

Truthfully, Jack was better at piloting than driving and this time the Hub test went beautifully. The drone was soon zipping about, pausing to hover over various items, collecting and transmitting data.

Everything went so well Tosh decided they were ready to start field tests.

TBC in ‘I Spy’