Author's Notes:
My fifteenth drabble for tw100's Open Challenge. Prompt used is Challenge 12: Shadows.

Summary: You never know what the shadows might be hiding.

When you’re Torchwood, you learn to watch the shadows; anything could lurk in the concealment they provide.

Dark alleys are favourite haunts for Weevils, keeping them hidden while they stalk the unwary, but there are other threats on Cardiff’s streets. Aliens of all kinds slip through the Rift, from small, scuttling spider-mice, to hulking Hoix… and worse.

Shadows aren’t all bad though; sometimes their dark depths shelter the alien hunters rather than the aliens themselves.

“You know, I have a perfectly good bed at home,” muttered Ianto.

“Where’s the fun in that?” Jack replied, getting down to business.

“Can’t imagine…”

The End