Author's Notes:
Wriiten for Challenge 266 – Unidentified Flying Objects at tw100.

Summary: Rift alerts sometimes create more questions than answers.

“What the hell are they?” Ianto gasped, ducking as another whizzed past his ear.

“No idea,” Jack replied. “They’re moving too fast, all I see is a blur!” Throwing himself to the ground as three more zoomed past, narrowly missing his head, he tugged at Ianto’s trouser leg. “Come on, it’s safer by the wall.”

Dropping to hands and knees, Ianto joined Jack, crawling quickly across the warehouse until they reached the wall.

“Now what?”

Jack shrugged.

They watched bright blurs zipping back and forth at alarming speeds until…


They vanished.

“Huh. Now we’ll never know.”

“Another Torchwood mystery!”

The End