Author's Notes:
My seventh drabble for the Open challenge at tw100, this one's for the prompt 'Blossom'. I should have noted which prompts the others were for, but I forgot. Maybe I'll go back and add that information sometime.

Summary: The trees are in blossom all over Cardiff.

Everywhere Tosh looked, there were trees and shrubs in blossom; white, pink, purple, yellow, they looked beautiful, a sure sign that spring was here to stay.

Lilac and magnolia, forsythia and laburnum, cherry, apple, pear and plum; every garden she passed on her way to work had at least one, petals showering down around it every time the breeze stirred the delicate flowers. In the park, the bigger trees bore their own insignificant, all-but-invisible blooms, but Tosh knew they were there.

She sneezed for the umpteenth time. Walking to work had been a seriously bad idea. Bloody tree pollen allergy!

The End