Author's Notes:
My fourth drabble for tw100's Open Challenge. I plan to post one a day for as long as the challenge lasts. This one is courtesy of the prompt 'Yellow'

Summary: As a patriotic Welshman, spring is Ianto’s favourite season.

Spring had finally arrived in Cardiff.

It was Ianto’s favourite time of year; the air was almost balmy, the sun sometimes peeped through the clouds and people started to shed their dull and heavy winter clothes in favour of something colourful. They even smiled at each other and called out cheerful greetings. It was a vast improvement over dreary winter.

Then there were the flowers. Shy snowdrops gave way to the white, purple and gold of crocuses then almost overnight the daffodils appeared, carpets of sunshine yellow dancing in the breeze.

It was a sight that always gladdened his heart.

The End