Author's Notes:
This should be my sixth drabble for Challenge 312 – Awkward Moments at tw100. It's little coda following ‘Weird Awakening’ because I just couldn’t resist…

Summary: The effects of the transforming device have worn off by morning. Mostly.

Waiting to start the morning briefing, Jack sniffed the air. Ianto was approaching!

The rest of the team, settling into their seats at the boardroom table, were startled when Jack suddenly jumped to his feet as Ianto entered with the coffee. The moment the tray was set safely on the sideboard, Jack pounced, sniffing Ianto and licking his face enthusiastically. Ianto immediately started licking Jack’s ear.

Everyone was staring.

“That’s it,” Owen yelled, covering his eyes, “I’m scarred for life!”

Ianto and Jack froze, mid-lick.

“Umm, I think we might be experiencing some residual ferret behaviour.”

Jack nodded.

“Apparently so.”

The End