Author's Notes:
For mahmfic’s prompt ‘Sewing’

Summary: Ianto gets called on to fix everything!

“Shit, I’m coming unravelled!”

Owen’s sweater was trailing a long thread.

“Give it here.” Ianto pulled a needle case from his pocket.

“Thanks, mate!”


“Damn it, the button’s come off. Ianto, pet, could you…?”

“No problem, Gwen.” Out came the needle case again.


“Tosh, sticky tape won’t work, your hem needs sewing.”

“I know. I just didn’t like to ask.”

“It’s okay, won’t take a minute.”

“Thanks, Ianto.”


“Ianto?” Jack stood there looking forlorn, cradling his coat. “Can you fix it? Please?”

Sometimes Ianto wasn’t sure whether having a master tailor as a father was a blessing or a curse.

The End