Author's Notes:
My fourth drabble for Challenge 308 – Multitasking at tw100, and my 50th drabble posted this year! Only need to post 200 more to reach my goal for 2014!

Summary: Ianto finds a way to do three jobs at once and save himself some work with some sneaky delegating.

Ianto had been cleaning the boardroom the last time Jack checked his whereabouts, but now the captain spotted his lover leaving the kitchenette with a bag of sprouts in one hand, a bundle of cloths in the other, and Nosy slithering along behind him.

Curious, Jack followed.

Back at the boardroom, Jack peeped inside and saw Nosy, with towels fastened around its body, slithering rapidly around the floor, chasing the sprouts Ianto tossed for it.

“What on earth are you doing?”

Ianto blushed.

“Multitasking? This way I can feed and exercise Nosy while polishing the floor at the same time.”

The End