Author's Notes:
For angelsphonebox. Prompt at the end.

Summary: In Torchwood, days off are rare and should be enjoyed to the full when they happen.

Jack and Ianto were spending a rare day off enjoying all the fun of the fair.

They’d already been on all the best rides, twice, had candyfloss and a toffee apple each, and were now exploring the sideshows and booths.

Ianto won a stuffed monkey on the coconut shy by throwing the ball so hard he split a coconut in half.

Then Jack’s marksmanship won him a balloon that looked like the earth seen from space.

Grinning, he grabbed Ianto, and danced off down the midway singing ‘I’ve Got the World on a String’ at the top of his voice.

The End

A/N: Prompt was ‘I've got the World on a String’.