Author's Notes:
For KitandMip, who just happened to mention an image she’d got stuck in her head because of something I’d said.

Also for timelordshines, who wanted something silly, Janto-centric and featuring the whole team. Hope this is okay!

Summary: Owen makes a mistake, with interesting consequences.

It was a perfectly natural mistake really; the alien tech Tosh and Gwen retrieved looked exactly like an ordinary ball, how was he supposed to know it wasn’t? And to be fair, he’d only bounced it once. Owen was sure Jack and Ianto would understand. Later. For now, it was probably a good thing the Rift pool was there. God knows where they could have been put otherwise.

They seemed to like it, judging by the splashing. They were…

Owen covered his eyes, but he’d already seen too much. Octo-Jack was doing thoroughly indecent things to merman-Ianto with his tentacles.

The End