Author's Notes:
For neverminetohold’s prompt: 'Jack (Ianto optional): the unbearable lightness of being.' It turned into a double drabble!

Summary: Jack ponders on love and immortality.

As a child, Jack believed being immortal would be wonderful, but now he knew better: It was a curse he would never escape. Even death provided only a brief respite.

He was condemned to live forever, watching everything change while he stayed the same.

Worse, he would inevitably outlive everyone he loved, watching them age and die, leaving him behind.

Hard as he tried to keep people at arm’s length, it never worked. Someone always managed to sneak past his defences into his heart, making him care.

Just how many times could a heart break before it shattered beyond repair?


But what was the point of life without love?

It didn’t bear thinking about.

A hollow, empty, existence devoid of companionship and that precious, unique connection to another living being would be even worse torture than loving and losing.

Although it was his greatest source of grief and pain, love was also the only thing that made immortality bearable.

Having someone to share experiences with meant making memories to sustain him after they were gone.

Despite the agony of loss, Jack couldn’t ever regret loving. He would carry his memories of each and every loved one with him, throughout eternity.

The End