Author's Notes:
Last of five drabbles for owensheart, who prompted me with ‘Ianto discovers the actual date of Jack’s birthday and decides to surprise him with a little celebration.’

I had no idea what Ianto could give Jack for his birthday, so special thanks to owensheart on this part for giving me the idea for the perfect gift, and for helping me work out all the details. I couldn’t have done it without her.

Summary: Jack is amazed by his present.

Side by side they watched the moving images in the globe. Jack demonstrated how the slideshow could be paused on a chosen image, and drank in the familiar, much loved faces of his family and friends.

Images of his parents; of himself as a baby in his mother’s arms, as a toddler, and as a growing boy with his younger brother. Memories of his childhood on the Boeshane Peninsula he’d believed lost forever.

“Ianto, thank you, this is the best gift I’ve even been given!”

Ianto shrugged.

“I only returned what was already yours.”

“You gave me back my family.”

The End